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We’re a Palm Springs medical practice specializing in Family Medicine, LGBTQ Medicine, HIV Medicine, and Addiction Treatment and Care.


Your relationship with your doctor is one of the most personal and essential relationships any patient may have in their lifetime. Dr. Gonzales has designed his practice and his office to meet the needs of his patients — not the corporation, not the stockholders, but your needs. He went into private practice in order to build a patient experience that he knew would be the best for his patients. Dr. Gonzales has been a primary care physician since 1999 and has experienced a lot, and one consistent reality he has seen in his professional career is that practices are not often patient centered or patient friendly.

If you’re looking for a Primary Care Physician, Internist, General Medicine Doctor, or Addiction Doctor in Palm Springs, contact his office for an appointment.

Working with an architect, Dr. Gonzales has designed his office in downtown Palm Springs literally from the ground up! He works for himself and is not beholden to any corporation, stockholders or business managers who do not fully understand the doctor-patient relationship. Instead, he is beholden to you, making your experience more like visiting a trusted friend who has you best interest at heart. You’re familiar with the cold, sterile, impersonal experience of other doctor offices. You don’t want that and neither do we. People want a personal experience with their physician. Dr. Gonzales, his beautiful office, and his awesome staff provide a warm, welcoming environment. Find out.

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