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Born and raised in Southern California, Charles Gonzales completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology at Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California. He then went to Wisconsin where he received his Medical Doctor Degree (MD) in 1999 from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, one of the leading medical schools in the U.S. for Primary Care. After completing medical school, Dr. Gonzales returned in 1999 to southern California for his Family Medicine Residency at USC in Los Angeles, becoming board certified in Family Medicine in 2002. In order to serve the Gay community better, in 2003 he completed a Fellowship in HIV Medicine at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Los Angeles. Of note, very few General Medicine Doctors today working with HIV positive patients have actually completed a fellowship in HIV Medicine. With a superior education, Dr Gonzales offers the most informed and best care in the Valley. Since completing his education, Dr. Gonzales has led an eclectic professional life caring for the young and old, to the hale and infirmed, in private practice, rural, suburban and urban clinics, prisons, military bases and VAs. He has worked all over California and out of state as well. But in every clinical setting, Dr. Gonzales has learned a valuable lesson: every patient wants to be able to connect with their physician and Dr Gonzales accomplishes that. But find out for yourself.

Dr Gonzales is a General Medicine Doctor, Primary Care Physician, and Family Medicine Doctor serving the LGBTQ Community of Palm Springs, CA

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George Lizarraga
Medical Assistant

George Lizarraga was born in northern California but he has been living in the Coachella Valley for the last 21 years. George is Dr. Gonzales’ assistant who graduated from the Milan institute in Palm Desert, California. George takes pride in his line of work as a medical assistant, making sure all his patients feel comfortable and safe. You will love his caring and non-judgmental attitude and is proud to make your journey to better health a great one.

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